Opus 24
St. John’s Episcopal Church

Snohomish, Washington 

II / 13 stops • 10 ranks

Manual I

8’ Principal 
8’ Rohrflöte 
4’ Octave
4’ Rohrflöte
2-2/3’ Quint
2’ Superoctave
8’ Trumpet

Manual II

8’ Gedackt
4’ Rohrflöte (from Man. I)
2’ Supertoctave (from Man. I)
8’ Trumpet (from Man. I)      


16’ Sub Bass


Man. I to Pedal
Man. II to Pedal
Man. II to Man. I

Mechanical key and stop action

Shared stops are available on Man. II via a second position on the Man. II draw knobs
The Quinte operates via a mid-position on the Sesquialtera draw knob
A second façade on the chancel side of the instrument is composed of 8’ Principal pipes