Opus 19: Willamette University Image by Strode-Eckert Photography

Opus 19: Willamette University
Image by Strode-Eckert Photography


Bond Organ Builders was established in 1976 by Richard and Roberta Bond. From its beginnings as a small service firm, the company quickly expanded to build new instruments.

Richard Bond's dream was to create a team of artisans and craftsmen whose skills compliment one another to build instruments of the highest quality. Each team member has a particular area of expertise: visual design, engineering, woodworking, tonal design and voicing, and tuning and maintenance. 

New Instruments

Our new free-standing mechanical action instruments have achieved great success and our expertise in all types of pipe organ action and tonal style has allowed us to customize each new instrument to meet the needs and expectations of the individual client. Satisfying to the eyes and ears, our instruments are built to last for generations.

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Our company has restored and rebuilt many historically important pipe organs over the years. Great skill and study are employed to preserve the original style and sound of these instruments. A well-built organ, restored to its original condition will serve many more years as a testament to good stewardship of both time and money. 

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Service Department

Bond Organ Builders is particularly known for its Service Department, serving the largest customer base in the Pacific Northwest. Our service territory covers five states: Oregon, California, Washington, Idaho, and Montana. Our prompt, efficient service with attention to detail has led clients to call upon us for dependable and cost-effective pipe organ tuning, maintenance, and repair year after year.

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