Bond Organ Builders is home to a team of skilled professionals, whose complementary skills come together to build instruments of the highest quality. Each of our artisans has a particular area of expertise, ranging from woodworking, visual design, and engineering, to voicing, tonal finishing, writing and marketing.

Richard L. Bond, President

Richard Bond, along with his wife Roberta, founded Bond Organ Builders in 1976 and is the President of the company.  He is principally occupied with scaling and voicing pipes and with on-the-job tonal finishing.  He holds a B.S. degree in Engineering Science from the University of Redlands in California.  He has been an occasional substitute organist, but now sings baritone in the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Choir in Portland.

Roberta Bond, Business Manager

Roberta Bond is the CFO and architectural designer for Bond Organ Builders. She also works with Richard on tonal finishing. She holds a B.A. in Music History and an M.M. in Church Music from the University of Southern California. After many years of work as Director of Music in Lutheran and Episcopal churches, she now is a soprano in the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Choir. 

Fred Beal, Service Manager

Fred Beal is Service Manager for Bond Organ Builders and has worked with the company since 2001.  He also does electrical and leather-work, as well as collaborating in tonal finishing.  He holds B.A. in Organ from the University of Tennessee and a Certificate from the Royal School of Church Music in London.  He is Organist at St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church in Portland.


Grant Edwards, Tonal Director

Grant Edwards has worked at Bond Organ Builders since 1993 and specializes in constructing wood pipes, making keyboards, and leathering reservoirs.  He serves as the company's Tonal Director.  He holds a B.A. degree in Organ and Composition from Lewis and Clark College in Portland.  Grant is Organist at First Congregational Church in Portland.

Joe O'Donnell, Design Engineer & Service Technician

Joe O’Donnell is Bond Organ Builder’s CAD specialist, well-traveled service technician and collaborator with Richard in tonal finishing. He has worked for the company since 1999.  He holds a B.M. and Master of Liturgical Music from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.  He is Organist at First Unitarian Church in Portland.


John Stump, Master Craftsman

John Stump is an expert woodworker and graphic designer who has been a member of the Bond team since 1986. John specializes in casework, consoles, and detailed craftsmanship such as carving, woodturning, inlays, and wood finishes. He has also built fine string instruments. John studied botany at Oberlin College and University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. 

Antwan, Squirrel Patrol

Antwan oversees shop security at Bond Organ Builders. His duties include greeting visitors, inspecting security clearances, and protecting the Bond shop from squirrels. Despite his no-nonsense demeanor and impressive security bark, Antwan is a friendly individual, especially in the company of his human companion, John Stump. Like many members of the Bond team, Antwan is also an accomplished performing artist. Though modest, he can occasionally be persuaded to display a choreographic routine in exchange for compensatory snacks.