Opus 30
St. Andrews Episcopal Church


Seattle, Washington

II/ 22 stops • 21 ranks

The new Bond organ at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Seattle fills our sanctuary with an exciting, but warm tone, perfectly voiced for the space. Every stop that is drawn creates a beautiful, clear sound, each stop contributing to the overall blend. From an organist's standpoint, the action is easy to play and the drawknobs and couplers are within easy reach and logically organized. The organ is even more versatile than I imagined, playing literature from all periods with integrity. Reaction from the congregation has been enthusiastic about the stunning visual presentation as well as the thrilling sounds. We love it!

Richard Lind


Grand Orgue

16’ Bourdon (1-12 from Soubasse)
8’ Montre (in façade)
8’ Bourdon 
4’ Prestant
2-2/3’ Nazard (mid-position of Cornet drawknob)
2’ Doublette (mid-position of Fourniture drawknob)
II Cornet 
IV Fourniture 
8’ Trompette 
8’ Voix humaine


Recit (Expressive) 

8’ Cor de nuit
4’ Prestant (1-6 from Flûte conique)
4’ Flûte conique
2’ Flûte à bec
1-1/3’ Quinte (mid-position of Cymbale drawknob)
II Cymbale
8’ Cromorne


16’ Soubasse 
8’ Flûte 
4’ Flûte
16’ Bombarde
8’ Trompette


Tirasse / Grand Orgue 
Tirasse / Recit 
Recit / Grand Orgue 

Tremblant to entire organ