Opus 36
St. James Lutheran Church (Positive)

Our Opus 36 Positive organ, ready to leave the shop.

Our Opus 36 Positive organ, ready to leave the shop.

Portland, Oregon

Baroque Positive Organ series, No. 6
I / 3 stops • 3 ranks

In 2013, we completed our sixth three-rank positive organ.  The organ’s home is St. James Lutheran Church in Portland, where our Opus 16 organ is installed.

This instrument is designed for continuo usage and can be easily moved by two people and transported in a compact pickup truck.  The instrument contains an 8’ Gedackt , 4’ Rohrflöte, and 2’ Principal.  The Gedackt is entirely wood, with the 11 largest pipes of this stop forming the back of the instrument, placed beneath the keyboard and mounted horizontally.  The next 13 pipes appear in the façade of the instrument. We have built these with Roman-style mouths and inlays of ebony on occasion.  The 4’ Rohrflöte is wood in the lowest octave and the remainder of metal.  The 2’ Principal is metal throughout. 

Opus 36: Interior pipework

Opus 36: Interior pipework

The instrument can be pitched at either A-415 or A-440 and can be readily changed.  When at the A-415 pitch, there is no low C#.  All of the low C pipes are provided with overlength, so that they may be tuned to C at 415. 

The casework is quarter-sawn white oak with gilded, hand carved pipe shades.  The keyboard has bone covering on the naturals and grenadilla sharps.  The blower and reservoir are located in the bench and connected to the instrument with a flexible hose.  The pipes are provided with tuning slides, so that the instrument can easily be tuned in any desired temperament. 

The instrument was dedicated in a series of recitals beginning on March 2, 2014. The organists were Timothy Nickel and Nancy Leroi Nickel.


8’ Gedackt
4’ Rohrflöte
2’ Principal

Mechanical key and stop action