Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

Port Angeles, Washington
May 2009

Rebuild of Balcom & Vaughan, 1963
II / 30 stops • 24 ranks  

Bond Organ Builders, Inc. has completed the installation of the substantially enlarged organ at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Port Angeles. The instrument had always been inadequate for the imposing space in which it serves, but it has now been augmented with both new pipes and older pipes and windchests from another instrument by the original builder. 

More than doubled in size, and boldly revoiced, the organ now speaks through larger tone openings. All control systems have been replaced with modern solid-state equipment, including a piston sequencer.

A handsome 16’ flamed copper Pedal Principal gives the organ a visual presence in the room.

Detail of the facade's flamed copper 16' Pedal Principal 

Detail of the facade's flamed copper 16' Pedal Principal 



8’ Principal
8’ Rohrflöte
4’ Octave
4’ Spillflöte
2-2/3’ Nasat
2’ Octave
1-3/5’ Terz
IV Mixture
8’ Krummhorn



8’ Principal
8’ Gedeckt
8’ Viola
8’ Viola Celeste
4’ Octave
4’ Koppelflöte
2’ Blockflöte
II Mixture
16’ Schalmei
8’ Trumpet
8’ Schalmei


16’ Principal
16’ Subbass
8’ Principal
8’ Subbass
4’ Choral Bass
4’ Rohrflöte
16’ Trumpet
16’ Schalmei
8’ Trumpet
4’ Schalmei

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